2022 Best Dispensaries in Kansas City

Nature Med

With 5 locations in the State of Missouri and 3 of them catering to Kansas City patients, Nature Med Dispensary places top on our list of best dispensaries. Although the cannabis industry is still new in Missouri, Nature Med has its first location in Tucson, Arizona aiding patients since 2010. Due to their experience, they have been able to provide Missouri patients top tier experience with low wait times, knowledgeable employees, great sales and offering effective product options such as CBD Wellness and many other great brands. Stop by a Nature Med location today and see why they have made the top of our list!

From the Earth Dispensary

From the Earth and into your lives, this dispensary provides their patient’s some of the best products and is a known for their friendly and knowledgeable staff. Another dispensary with (5) locations with (3) of them located on the Westside, Brookside and Midtown offering such a welcoming vibe with staff that are passionate about the medicinal benefits of this amazing plants. Whichever location you end of going to, make sure to take a picture with their awesome plant wall in their waiting room!

Fresh Karma Dispensary

Fresh Karma puts out Good Karma! Not only does this dispensary provide great products for patients, but they are also very active in the community providing education and partnering with organizations destigmatizing cannabis and research for medicinal usage to treat serious health conditions. Their most recent partnership is with Head for the Cure spreading the awareness of Brain Cancer and the benefits of using cannabis.

Feel State Dispensary

Feel State gets you feeling good with their great selection of products and amazing staff. They are committed to continually educating their staff to provide the best service for each patient that comes in and will provide recommendations of what products will work best for you. They also have a podcast called The Feels which they interview doctors, business owners and advocates about healing benefits of cannabis, operating brands in the industry and social injustices.

Sunrise Dispensary

Sunrise was created by a local family of farmers whose lineage has been cultivating for over a century in Macon County. As medicinal marijuana passed in the state of Missouri, this family focused their cultivations to cannabis once they saw the incredible medicinal health benefits of this plant. They are a fully integrated company providing patients high quality products from the start! They currently have (5) locations in the state of Missouri, but even with them being a big business they still have those small business values and commitment to the community.